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fits the product perfectly!

Charlotte, Customer

Finally, I can work efficiently

and with transparency.

Thomas, Product manager

I can get an overview of work that is

completed or still due at any time.

Alexander, Head of department

If a customer has questions about a product,

I get all the information I need at a glance!

Hannah, service employee

Having the perfect product data helps

us write relevant marketing texts.

Susan, Marketing manager

Rich product information across all channels!

Product Information Management

Rich product information across all channels!

With Product Information Management (PIM) you could manage all product data and media centrally and use them seamlessly and efficiently for as many channels as possible. It ensures the central and efficient processing of product data and provides them consistently and quickly in all output channels. Their "time-to-market" is drastically reduced and leads to a decisive competitive advantage. PIM should therefore be part of a global marketing strategy and is an important milestone on your way to digital transformation. PIM is the leading system and central data management for all product-related data and media in your company. PIM not only manages the data, it is structured and prepared for all output channels.

We at LYNX analyse with you the optimization potential within your business processes and develop a PIM strategy with a subsequent implementation concept.

Your benefits with PIM

Business Value


of new articles are enriched automatically during onboarding


of new articles are tagged with a default sorting order based on business rules


“Single Source of Truth“ - consistent, flawlessly accurate product information always available

Challenges and approaches to deal with in industries

Industries & Verticals

Fashion & Apparel

Campaign and season management
  • Organize your product data in a season- and campaign-orientated way.
  • Get an overview of the status of contained products per campaign/season.
  • Reuse data for products which exist in multiple seasons.
Recommendation & Cross-selling
  • Recommend any products via manual or automatically generated references regarding style, colour-matching and alternative products
Assisted maintenance of textile-specific Information
  • Percentages of included materials
  • Different size scales
  • Various colours and mapping to search colours


Enable your customers to get a detailed view of your products
  • Use flexible data models to provide various technical information to your customer.
  • Define quality rules to ensure technical correctness.
Organize your Batches
  • Deliver additional information regarding different batches for your products.
  • Enable your customer to check the origin of supplied components of your products.
Improve your delivery of assets
  • Product data sheets, technical illustration, consultative documents.
  • Provide images for different purposes (web, print, high resolution) from one System.
  • Provide product videos to all your data consumers


Manage resources, tour information, local highlights
  • Store information about boats, routes, specials etc. once and reuse it any time
  • Reduce the effort for translation and gathering information
Maintain different booking Options
  • Automatically reuse your information regarding categories and classes
  • Organize specials and provide this information wherever needed
One source - multiple targets
  • Export the required information to all your outbound channels: catalogues, websites, feeds, travel agencies, pricelists, brochures, etc.

Trading / Retailers

Fast supplier onboarding
  • Measure the data quality of your different data suppliers
  • Merge product data from different suppliers to golden record
  • Focus on products which need to be enriched
  • Publish products with sufficient quality automatically
Special logistical requirements for restricted shipment routes
  • Provide all information for decision regarding shipment route and conditions
  • Enable your shipping system to print and deliver all information e.g. for hazardous shipping, batteries, aerosols, etc.
Meet legal requirements in different channels
  • Filter your content regarding wording, content, images, etc.


Heterogeneous assortment
  • Use multi-source data maintenance to deliver perfect data to your customer.
  • Onboard data from component supplier to minimize component maintenance.
  • Huge requirements for media assets such as renderings, assembly instructions, user guide, etc.
  • Large range of output channels, such as shops, configurators, apps, cars, retailers, garages, etc.
High quality standards
  • Prevent incomplete or faulty data from publication
  • Fulfil different requirements for certain products depending on market
Complex referencing between products and vehicles/series/models
  • Benefit from powerful transformation and validating possibilities
  • Break down complexity in view with filtering options and user-orientated interfaces
  • Deliver referencing information e.g. for spare parts


Complex requirements for configurable products
  • Represent your piece list hierarchies in PIM.
  • Hold including and excluding dependence information for your product data.
  • Manage pricing for bundles, sets and components.
Manage valuable information for your products
  • Assembly instructions, used material, maintenance advice, allergenic information, images, Renderings.
  • Upselling and other linking Information.
  • Information about retailers.
Engage customer experience
  • Deliver information to inspire your customer like default variants.
  • Proposals for configuration according searches and behaviour.

Our work

Selected Projects

LYNX fuels its new ideas, new connections, new inspirations from specialists and strategists, management newbies, experts & geeks to genius & visionaries, whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of business, innovation, strategies and technology. LYNX helps the world’s biggest brands, most innovative companies and most promising start-ups to engineer their marketing & commerce technology stack of tomorrow.




What we do for you

Our Services

PIM vendor selection

As an independent IT consultant, LYNX helps you select the right PIM system for your business and needs.

Strategy & Roadmap

LYNX helps you to develop an effective PIM strategy in your organization. A roadmap allows everyone in the company to clearly understand each action and what decisions to make, who must make them, and when.

Business Consulting

LYNX is your reliable partner in all phases of your PIM project, which ensures your project success and advises you on the definition, modelling and implementation of the processes related to master data management.

Change Management

LYNX supports you in adapting to the rapidly changing challenges of the market, especially in the implementation of the new IT strategy in your organization.

Project Management

Whether you want to implement your PIM project in an agile way or with iterative approach models (such as SCRUM, rapid prototyping, etc.) or prefer a "traditional" project management approach, LYNX is your competent partner at your side!

Data Science

LYNX helps you make the hidden potential of your data usable for you. We analyse your data and provide the basis for future strategic decisions and forecasts.


The LYNX development team is able to implement extensive and complex PIM projects in time and in budget. Implementation is based on professional project management.

Training & Enablement

LYNX training will help you optimize the management of your product data and understand how to leverage the PIM system to enhance your data quality.

Continuous Improvement

LYNX supports you in continuous process improvement to make incremental and breakthrough improvements in processes.

Focus On What Matters

Our advice is based on insights of the world's leading research analysts

The best support at the right time

Our process

A lean approach is often the best way to accelerate the definition and launch of a new solution. In order to minimize investment and accelerate time to value, we typically recommend starting with developing a “Minimum Viable Product“ (MVP). Our focus is on building well designed MVPs that, with a successful market test, are easy to scale commercially. We have proved the ability to launch an MVP within 90 days.

Discovery & Strategy

We will accompany you in finding out how to realize digitization for your company and, with our experience, we will assist you in defining your business model for future needs.

Business Requirements

Strapping your strategy into business requirements means getting an idea of which systems and processes have to be set up. Our experiences and our team of experts in different sectors and disciplines ensures the best outcomes for your needs.

Market and business knowledge

As we are on track with trending topics and related needs, we will find a fitting and future-ready solution for you.

Request for information

Finding out who could be one of your suppliers for implementation needs. Our partners and networks will help you to identify those suppliers with high potential.

Request for proposal

Choosing one or more partners for huge projects should happen carefully; benefit from our knowledge and define the right questions to ask regarding sticking points in your business.

Bidding process and demo

Our team has got deep insights into business and technical needs. This will help with benchmarking the different suppliers regarding the details.

Management summaries

Keeping your management satisfied is important through the whole process. Fulfil their demands for information by summing up what you are aiming at.

Keep your employees on track

Avoid negative impacts caused by uncertain or scared employees; manage the emotions, fears and wishes of your employees regarding the upcoming change.

Project lead

The successful implementation of your new business model requires excellent project management. Choose the right management methods for your project (agile, ipma, mvp, poc,...) and benefit from our experienced project managers.

Technical and business consulting

Our experts in different disciplines will provide usefull advices and ideas to guarantee your digitization will end up where you need it.

Scalable & connected, in a complex world


Technologies are only a means to an end, so our experts have the expertise to implement your individual business processes and have strong industry knowledge beyond just technology.


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