Market Performance Wheel

The Market Performance Wheel for integrators and consultants completes the MPW portfolio as it takes into account project implementation as one aspect of the selection of a solution. Often several technologies are utilised and the MPW looks at twelve sections in order to highlight the competence of each vendor at a glance. Set project requirements can therefore be easily verified and successfully implemented with the appropriate partner. An additional focus is on the category called Ability to execute. Here, among other factors, references from current and completed client projects play a vital role.

LYNX also joined the demanding evaluation of the "Group of Analysts (TGOA)" in autumn 2017 and we are very proud of the results, especially in the areas of "Search & Integration Technologies", "E-Commerce / Omnichannel" and of course "PIM / MAM". In addition to our outstanding project quality, our well-known customer references from various industries were highlighted.

The full results can be requested by mail or contact form. More information about The Market Performance Wheel and The Group Of Analysts (TGOA) can be found here

The full results can be requested by mail or contact form.